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 Hello and welcome! I am excited for this upcoming school year and look forward to all we can accomplish and learn together.
       I have been a part of this association for five years and served on the board for four of them. Why? Because of all the knowledge, support and encouragement I have received from this well-seasoned group of school nurses. So, when I think of the SCSNA, I think of the word GROWTH.
        I have three growth goals that I hope to accomplish while serving the SCSNA; membership growth, professional growth and personal growth.
       Our membership is mostly comprised of school district nurses. It was not until I began working in a private school that I recognized that. I also realized that not only do we lack membership in the private school nurse sector; we have substitute nurses that work in our absence. Encouraging private school and substitute school nurses to join would be a benefit for us both. This growth not only allows us to communicate new laws, knowledge, policy and procedures more efficiently with one another but should also have a positive impact on the school community.
       We are all a wonderful group of professionals. However, professionals need to continue to be up to date with the evidence best practice in their profession. I will continue to strive and support this organization to provide as much knowledge and information that relates to our school nursing practice through programing, meetings, and websites.
      Personal growth is a journey and not a destination. The most important investment is YOU. This organization has helped me, and continues to help me to deal with administrators, tough medical decisions, policies and procedures, my own insecurities, fears, and challenges. If it was not for the SCSNA and the school nurses that encouraged me, I am not sure I would have pursued a career in school nursing. I, like you, are still growing personally. I believe that this association is a strong forum for us to support and nurture our personal growth.

“Life isn’t about finding yourself. It’s about creating yourself.”- George Bernard Shaw.

​Looking forward to two amazing years!
Lisa Mantz RN, NJ-CSN
SCSNA President 2018-2020

President's Message

The SCSNA website is continually being updated. Please visit again for new features and to e-mail suggestions to the executive board members. Executive board members positions, names and e-mail addresses are listed on the contacts/ "Executive Board" page. Check out "More" page for some of SCSNA activities during the previous and current years.                      

Congratulations to

Anne Connor,

recipient of the

Nelson Aquino Humanitarian Award from

Seton Hall University College of Nursing October 14, 2019



SCSNA General meeting

February 5, 2020

Program info to follow

2nd Annual "Warm Hands Warm Feet" Collection- 

Bring new socks and or gloves to the meeting for SHIP





The Somerset County School Nurses' Association was established in the 1960s as a forum for professional school nurses in Somerset County, NJ. At SCSNA you can network with county school nurses to:

  • Address school nursing topics

  • Foster evidence-based practices or research

  • Identify optimal health-care practices

  • Be informed about new legislative bills or laws

  • Find ways to educate students, parents, community members and educational staff on how to stay safe, maintain a healthy lifestyle, and find success in school. 


“You cannot educate a child who is not healthy and you cannot keep a child healthy who is not educated.” - Former Attorney General Jocelyn Elders​


Welcome to the SCSNA




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